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ny, CHEC said it will deliver t▓he "B

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asin 2" project in fewer than 12 months ahead of the deadline."Today's event is to show our determination to fi▓nish the project quickly and with h

igh q▓uality," Chen Shuang, deputy director of CHEC marketing department, told Xinhua at the construction site.Sokhna Port is located within the Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZone), a main economic region in Egypt whose development is one of the country's me▓ga projects to attract foreign investments for further economic growth.Mahfouz Taha, SCZone vice chairman, hailed CHEC as "one of the largest and most remarkable port builders and designers in the world," eyeing ▓further cooperation with the Chinese side in the econ

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and resorts.Last but not

omic ▓zone in the light of China's Belt and Ro▓ad (B&R) Initiative.The initiative, proposed in ▓2013, refers to the Silk Road Eco

nomic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. It aims at building a trade and infrastructure network connecting Asia with Europe and Africa ▓along the ancient Silk Road trade routes."We are stretching our hands to our Chinese friends and we are enc▓ouraging all aspects of the initiative," s▓aid the Egyptian official, stressing that Egypt can be one

partner at
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LEXEL Juridique &

of the main hubs for the initiative rather than a transit point.For his part, Ajayy Kumar ▓Singh, CEO of DP World Sokhna, said CHEC a

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the capital, Antan▓anarivo, said

greed to deliver the project in 2019 and he is confident ▓of its ability."CHEC is one of the leading operators in

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e greatest challenges face▓d by f

building ports. We're happy to partner with them in this▓ Basin 2 project. We're quite hopeful that they will deli▓ver the project much

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